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The following titles were updated: Region Manifest, Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA, Config system-module, Codec system-module, MCU system-module, PTM system-module, AC system-module, StreetPass system-module, HTTP system-module, NIM system-module, friends system-module, SpotPass system-module, NS system-module, NATIVE_FIRM, Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist, System Settings, Activity Log, Nintendo 3DS Camera application, Nintendo 3DS Sound application, Mii Maker, eShop, System Transfer application, Face Raiders, AR Games, Home Menu, Internet Browser, Friend List applet, Software Keyboard, Europe Error Strings, EULA CFA, "Rate" Archive, NVer, CVer, NS CFA, and mint (eShop applet).

The following new titles were added: Web browser Data, Web browser Data, Miiverse Data, Miiverse memolib, act system-module, Nintendo Network ID Settings application, and Miiverse applet.

Total titles sizes: 133286232

SOAP TitleHash: 65FD743A1212EEA3F6E8ABF38355652E

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