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The following titles were updated: eShop(USA), Home Menu(USA), appletEd(USA), PNOTE_AP(USA), USA Error Strings(USA), NGWord bad word list CFA(CHN), NGWord bad word list CFA(USA), NGWord bad word list CFA(JPN), NGWord bad word list CFA(EUR), NGWord bad word list CFA(TWN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(CHN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(USA), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(JPN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(EUR), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(TWN), CVer(USA), Config system-module(CHN), Config system-module(USA), Config system-module(JPN), Config system-module(EUR), Config system-module(TWN), HID system-module(CHN), HID system-module(USA), HID system-module(JPN), HID system-module(EUR), HID system-module(TWN), AC system-module(CHN), AC system-module(USA), AC system-module(JPN), AC system-module(EUR), AC system-module(TWN), NIM system-module(CHN), NIM system-module(USA), NIM system-module(JPN), NIM system-module(EUR), NIM system-module(TWN), IR system-module(CHN), IR system-module(USA), IR system-module(JPN), IR system-module(EUR), IR system-module(TWN), RO system-module(CHN), RO system-module(USA), RO system-module(JPN), RO system-module(EUR), RO system-module(TWN), NS system-module(CHN), NS system-module(USA), NS system-module(JPN), NS system-module(EUR), NS system-module(TWN), eShop(EUR), Home Menu(EUR), appletEd(EUR), PNOTE_AP(EUR), Europe Error Strings(EUR), CVer(EUR), eShop(JPN), Home Menu(JPN), appletEd(JPN), PNOTE_AP(JPN), Japan Error Strings(JPN), CVer(JPN), mint (eShop applet)(USA), mint (eShop applet)(EUR), mint (eShop applet)(JPN), Nintendo Network ID Settings application(USA), Web browser Data(USA), Web browser Data(JPN), Web browser Data(EUR), Miiverse applet(USA), Miiverse memolib(USA), Miiverse memolib(JPN), Miiverse memolib(EUR), act system-module(CHN), act system-module(USA), act system-module(JPN), act system-module(EUR), act system-module(TWN), Nintendo Network ID Settings application(EUR), Miiverse applet(EUR), Nintendo Network ID Settings application(JPN), Miiverse applet(JPN), New3DS placeholder menu system-application(EUR), New3DS Internet Browser(EUR), New3DS NVer(EUR), New3DS Camera system-module(USA), New3DS Camera system-module(JPN), New3DS Camera system-module(EUR), New3DS GSP system-module(USA), New3DS GSP system-module(JPN), New3DS GSP system-module(EUR), New3DS i2c system-module(USA), New3DS i2c system-module(JPN), New3DS i2c system-module(EUR), New3DS nfc system-module(USA), New3DS nfc system-module(JPN), New3DS nfc system-module(EUR), New3DS qtm system-module(USA), New3DS qtm system-module(JPN), New3DS qtm system-module(EUR), New3DS NATIVE_FIRM(USA), New3DS NATIVE_FIRM(JPN), New3DS NATIVE_FIRM(EUR), New3DS placeholder menu system-application(USA), New3DS placeholder friend system-application(USA), New3DS Internet Browser(USA), New3DS NVer(USA), New3DS Health and Safety Information(JPN), New3DS placeholder menu system-application(JPN), New3DS Internet Browser(JPN), and New3DS NVer(JPN).

The following new titles were added: ErrDisp(KOR), NGWord bad word list CFA(KOR), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(KOR), AM system-module(KOR), Config system-module(KOR), Codec system-module(KOR), HID system-module(KOR), AC system-module(KOR), StreetPass system-module(KOR), CSND system-module(KOR), Download Play system-module(KOR), HTTP system-module(KOR), NDM system-module(KOR), NIM system-module(KOR), NWM system-module(KOR), Sockets system-module(KOR), SSL system-module(KOR), PS system-module(KOR), friends system-module(KOR), IR system-module(KOR), SpotPass system-module(KOR), Notifications system-module(KOR), RO system-module(KOR), NS system-module(KOR), NS CFA(KOR), act system-module(KOR), amiibo Settings(USA), amiibo Settings(EUR), and amiibo Settings(JPN).

Total titles sizes: 238541764

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