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The following new titles were added: BOOT2(USA), BOOT2(JPN), BOOT2(KOR), BOOT2(EUR), BOOT2(TWN), System Menu(USA), System Menu(JPN), System Menu(KOR), System Menu(EUR), System Menu(TWN), IOS 4(USA), IOS 4(JPN), IOS 4(KOR), IOS 4(EUR), IOS 4(TWN), IOS 9(USA), IOS 9(JPN), IOS 9(KOR), IOS 9(EUR), IOS 9(TWN), IOS 10(USA), IOS 10(JPN), IOS 10(KOR), IOS 10(EUR), IOS 10(TWN), IOS 11(USA), IOS 11(JPN), IOS 11(KOR), IOS 11(EUR), IOS 11(TWN), IOS 12(USA), IOS 12(JPN), IOS 12(KOR), IOS 12(EUR), IOS 12(TWN), IOS 13(USA), IOS 13(JPN), IOS 13(KOR), IOS 13(EUR), IOS 13(TWN), IOS 14(USA), IOS 14(JPN), IOS 14(KOR), IOS 14(EUR), IOS 14(TWN), IOS 15(USA), IOS 15(JPN), IOS 15(KOR), IOS 15(EUR), IOS 15(TWN), IOS 16(USA), IOS 16(JPN), IOS 16(KOR), IOS 16(EUR), IOS 16(TWN), IOS 17(USA), IOS 17(JPN), IOS 17(KOR), IOS 17(EUR), IOS 17(TWN), IOS 20(USA), IOS 20(JPN), IOS 20(KOR), IOS 20(EUR), IOS 20(TWN), IOS 21(USA), IOS 21(JPN), IOS 21(KOR), IOS 21(EUR), IOS 21(TWN), IOS 22(USA), IOS 22(JPN), IOS 22(KOR), IOS 22(EUR), IOS 22(TWN), IOS 28(USA), IOS 28(JPN), IOS 28(KOR), IOS 28(EUR), IOS 28(TWN), IOS 30(USA), IOS 30(JPN), IOS 30(KOR), IOS 30(EUR), IOS 30(TWN), IOS 31(USA), IOS 31(JPN), IOS 31(KOR), IOS 31(EUR), IOS 31(TWN), IOS 33(USA), IOS 33(JPN), IOS 33(KOR), IOS 33(EUR), IOS 33(TWN), IOS 34(USA), IOS 34(JPN), IOS 34(KOR), IOS 34(EUR), IOS 34(TWN), IOS 35(USA), IOS 35(JPN), IOS 35(KOR), IOS 35(EUR), IOS 35(TWN), IOS 36(USA), IOS 36(JPN), IOS 36(KOR), IOS 36(EUR), IOS 36(TWN), IOS 37(USA), IOS 37(JPN), IOS 37(KOR), IOS 37(EUR), IOS 37(TWN), IOS 38(USA), IOS 38(JPN), IOS 38(KOR), IOS 38(EUR), IOS 38(TWN), IOS 40(USA), IOS 40(JPN), IOS 40(KOR), IOS 40(EUR), IOS 40(TWN), IOS 41(USA), IOS 41(JPN), IOS 41(KOR), IOS 41(EUR), IOS 41(TWN), IOS 43(USA), IOS 43(JPN), IOS 43(KOR), IOS 43(EUR), IOS 43(TWN), IOS 45(USA), IOS 45(JPN), IOS 45(KOR), IOS 45(EUR), IOS 45(TWN), IOS 45(USA), IOS 45(JPN), IOS 45(KOR), IOS 45(EUR), IOS 45(TWN), IOS 48(USA), IOS 48(JPN), IOS 48(KOR), IOS 48(EUR), IOS 48(TWN), IOS 50(USA), IOS 50(JPN), IOS 50(KOR), IOS 50(EUR), IOS 50(TWN), IOS 51(USA), IOS 51(JPN), IOS 51(KOR), IOS 51(EUR), IOS 51(TWN), IOS 52(USA), IOS 52(JPN), IOS 52(KOR), IOS 52(EUR), IOS 52(TWN), IOS 53(USA), IOS 53(JPN), IOS 53(KOR), IOS 53(EUR), IOS 53(TWN), IOS 55(USA), IOS 55(JPN), IOS 55(KOR), IOS 55(EUR), IOS 55(TWN), IOS 56(USA), IOS 56(JPN), IOS 56(KOR), IOS 56(EUR), IOS 56(TWN), IOS 57(USA), IOS 57(JPN), IOS 57(KOR), IOS 57(EUR), IOS 57(TWN), IOS 58(USA), IOS 58(JPN), IOS 58(KOR), IOS 58(EUR), IOS 58(TWN), IOS 60(USA), IOS 60(JPN), IOS 60(KOR), IOS 60(EUR), IOS 60(TWN), IOS 61(USA), IOS 61(JPN), IOS 61(KOR), IOS 61(EUR), IOS 61(TWN), IOS 62(USA), IOS 62(JPN), IOS 62(KOR), IOS 62(EUR), IOS 62(TWN), IOS 70(USA), IOS 70(JPN), IOS 70(KOR), IOS 70(EUR), IOS 70(TWN), IOS 80(USA), IOS 80(JPN), IOS 80(KOR), IOS 80(EUR), IOS 80(TWN), IOS 222(USA), IOS 222(JPN), IOS 222(KOR), IOS 222(EUR), IOS 222(TWN), IOS 223(USA), IOS 223(JPN), IOS 223(KOR), IOS 223(EUR), IOS 223(TWN), IOS 249(USA), IOS 249(JPN), IOS 249(KOR), IOS 249(EUR), IOS 249(TWN), IOS 250(USA), IOS 250(JPN), IOS 250(KOR), IOS 250(EUR), IOS 250(TWN), IOS 254(USA), IOS 254(JPN), IOS 254(KOR), IOS 254(EUR), IOS 254(TWN), BC(USA), BC(JPN), BC(KOR), BC(EUR), BC(TWN), MIOS(USA), MIOS(JPN), MIOS(KOR), MIOS(EUR), MIOS(TWN), Photo Channel 1.0(USA), Photo Channel 1.0(JPN), Photo Channel 1.0(EUR), Shop Channel(USA), Shop Channel(JPN), Shop Channel(EUR), Shop Channel(TWN), Mii Channel(USA), Mii Channel(JPN), Mii Channel(EUR), Mii Channel(TWN), USA Weather Channel(USA), USA News Channel(USA), Photo Channel 1.1(USA), Photo Channel 1.1(JPN), Photo Channel 1.1(EUR), Photo Channel 1.1(TWN), USA EULA Hidden Channel(USA), USA Region Select Hidden Channel(USA), Europe Weather Channel(EUR), Europe News Channel(EUR), Europe EULA Hidden Channel(EUR), Europe Region Select Hidden Channel(EUR), IOS 59(JPN), IOS 59(TWN), Japan Weather Channel(JPN), Japan News Channel(JPN), (JP/TW) EULA Hidden Channel(JPN), (JP/TW) EULA Hidden Channel(TWN), (JP/TW) Region Select Hidden Channel(JPN), (JP/TW) Region Select Hidden Channel(TWN), Japan Food Services / Demae Channel(JPN), Korea Shop Channel(KOR), Korea Photo Channel 1.1(KOR), Korea EULA Hidden Channel(KOR), and Korea Region Select Hidden Channel(KOR).

Total titles sizes: 929660928

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