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The following titles were updated: ErrDisp, NGWord bad word list CFA, Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA, AM system-module, Camera system-module, Config system-module, Codec system-module, GSP system-module, HID system-module, AC system-module, StreetPass system-module, CSND system-module, Download Play system-module, HTTP system-module, NDM system-module, NIM system-module, NWM system-module, Sockets system-module, SSL system-module, PS system-module, friends system-module, IR system-module, SpotPass system-module, Notifications system-module, RO system-module, NS system-module, NATIVE_FIRM, NS CFA, eShop, System Transfer application, mint (eShop applet), Error Strings CFA, NVer, CVer, and act system-module.

Total titles sizes: 17690940

SOAP TitleHash: DFFA89C536142064BDD71CA06395F532

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