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The following titles were updated: Home Menu(USA), NGWord bad word list CFA(CHN), NGWord bad word list CFA(USA), NGWord bad word list CFA(JPN), NGWord bad word list CFA(KOR), NGWord bad word list CFA(EUR), NGWord bad word list CFA(TWN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(CHN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(USA), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(JPN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(KOR), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(EUR), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(TWN), CVer(USA), DSP system-module(CHN), DSP system-module(USA), DSP system-module(JPN), DSP system-module(KOR), DSP system-module(EUR), DSP system-module(TWN), friends system-module(CHN), friends system-module(USA), friends system-module(JPN), friends system-module(KOR), friends system-module(EUR), friends system-module(TWN), NS system-module(CHN), NS system-module(USA), NS system-module(JPN), NS system-module(KOR), NS system-module(EUR), NS system-module(TWN), Home Menu(EUR), CVer(EUR), Home Menu(JPN), Japan Error Strings(JPN), CVer(JPN), Home Menu(KOR), Error Strings CFA(KOR), CVer(KOR), New3DS Internet Browser(EUR), New3DS NVer(EUR), New3DS NATIVE_FIRM(USA), New3DS NATIVE_FIRM(JPN), New3DS NATIVE_FIRM(KOR), New3DS NATIVE_FIRM(EUR), New3DS Internet Browser(USA), New3DS NVer(USA), New3DS Internet Browser(JPN), New3DS NVer(JPN), New3DS placeholder menu system-application(KOR), New3DS Internet Browser(KOR), and New3DS NVer(KOR).

Total titles sizes: 164427076

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