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The following titles were updated: Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA, AM system-module, Camera system-module, Config system-module, DSP system-module, GSP system-module, MCU system-module, PTM system-module, StreetPass system-module, NIM system-module, NWM system-module, SAFE_MODE NWM system-module, PS system-module, SpotPass system-module, NS system-module, NATIVE_FIRM, TWL_FIRM, Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist, NS CFA, AGB_FIRM, System Settings, Health and Safety Information, Nintendo 3DS Camera application, SAFE_MODE System Updater application, Home Menu, NVer, and CVer.

Total titles sizes: 23020876

SOAP TitleHash: 53BEEC00E532F09632942A9F9672D7E7

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