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The following titles were updated: System Settings(USA), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(USA), Home Menu(USA), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(CHN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(USA), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(JPN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(KOR), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(EUR), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(TWN), CVer(USA), AM system-module(CHN), AM system-module(USA), AM system-module(JPN), AM system-module(KOR), AM system-module(EUR), AM system-module(TWN), Camera system-module(CHN), Camera system-module(USA), Camera system-module(JPN), Camera system-module(KOR), Camera system-module(EUR), Camera system-module(TWN), Config system-module(CHN), Config system-module(USA), Config system-module(JPN), Config system-module(KOR), Config system-module(EUR), Config system-module(TWN), DSP system-module(CHN), DSP system-module(USA), DSP system-module(JPN), DSP system-module(KOR), DSP system-module(EUR), DSP system-module(TWN), GSP system-module(CHN), GSP system-module(USA), GSP system-module(JPN), GSP system-module(KOR), GSP system-module(EUR), GSP system-module(TWN), MCU system-module(CHN), MCU system-module(USA), MCU system-module(JPN), MCU system-module(KOR), MCU system-module(EUR), MCU system-module(TWN), PTM system-module(CHN), PTM system-module(USA), PTM system-module(JPN), PTM system-module(KOR), PTM system-module(EUR), PTM system-module(TWN), StreetPass system-module(CHN), StreetPass system-module(USA), StreetPass system-module(JPN), StreetPass system-module(KOR), StreetPass system-module(EUR), StreetPass system-module(TWN), NIM system-module(CHN), NIM system-module(USA), NIM system-module(JPN), NIM system-module(KOR), NIM system-module(EUR), NIM system-module(TWN), NWM system-module(CHN), NWM system-module(USA), NWM system-module(JPN), NWM system-module(KOR), NWM system-module(EUR), NWM system-module(TWN), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(CHN), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(KOR), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(TWN), PS system-module(CHN), PS system-module(USA), PS system-module(JPN), PS system-module(KOR), PS system-module(EUR), PS system-module(TWN), SpotPass system-module(CHN), SpotPass system-module(USA), SpotPass system-module(JPN), SpotPass system-module(KOR), SpotPass system-module(EUR), SpotPass system-module(TWN), NS system-module(CHN), NS system-module(USA), NS system-module(JPN), NS system-module(KOR), NS system-module(EUR), NS system-module(TWN), NATIVE_FIRM(CHN), NATIVE_FIRM(USA), NATIVE_FIRM(JPN), NATIVE_FIRM(KOR), NATIVE_FIRM(EUR), NATIVE_FIRM(TWN), TWL_FIRM(CHN), TWL_FIRM(USA), TWL_FIRM(JPN), TWL_FIRM(KOR), TWL_FIRM(EUR), TWL_FIRM(TWN), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(CHN), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(USA), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(JPN), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(KOR), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(EUR), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(TWN), System Settings(EUR), Health and Safety Information(EUR), Nintendo 3DS Camera application(EUR), StreetPass Mii Plaza(EUR), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(EUR), Home Menu(EUR), NVer(EUR), CVer(EUR), System Settings(JPN), Health and Safety Information(JPN), Nintendo 3DS Camera application(JPN), StreetPass Mii Plaza(JPN), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(JPN), Home Menu(JPN), NVer(JPN), CVer(JPN), NS CFA(CHN), NS CFA(USA), NS CFA(JPN), NS CFA(KOR), NS CFA(EUR), NS CFA(TWN), AGB_FIRM(USA), AGB_FIRM(JPN), AGB_FIRM(KOR), AGB_FIRM(EUR), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(CHN), CVer(CHN), System Settings(KOR), Health and Safety Information(KOR), Nintendo 3DS Camera application(KOR), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(KOR), Home Menu(KOR), NVer(KOR), CVer(KOR), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(TWN), and CVer(TWN).

Total titles sizes: 146147204

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