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The following new titles were added: System Settings(USA), Download Play application(USA), Activity Log(USA), Health and Safety Information(USA), Nintendo 3DS Camera application(USA), Nintendo 3DS Sound application(USA), Mii Maker(USA), StreetPass Mii Plaza(USA), eShop(USA), System Transfer application(USA), Nintendo Zone application(USA), Face Raiders(USA), AR Games(USA), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(USA), Promotional video application(USA), ClCertA(USA), ClCertA(JPN), ClCertA(EUR), ErrDisp(USA), ErrDisp(JPN), ErrDisp(EUR), SAFE_MODE ErrDisp(USA), SAFE_MODE ErrDisp(JPN), SAFE_MODE ErrDisp(EUR), Home Menu(USA), Camera applet(USA), Instruction Manual applet(USA), Game Notes applet(USA), Internet Browser(USA), Friend List applet(USA), Notifications applet(USA), error applet(USA), error applet(JPN), error applet(EUR), SAFE_MODE error applet(USA), SAFE_MODE error applet(JPN), SAFE_MODE error applet(EUR), Software Keyboard(USA), SAFE_MODE Software Keyboard(USA), appletEd(USA), PNOTE_AP(USA), SNOTE_AP(USA), Mii-data CFA(USA), Mii-data CFA(JPN), Mii-data CFA(EUR), Region Manifest(USA), Region Manifest(JPN), Region Manifest(EUR), Non-Nintendo TLS Root-CA Certificates CFA(USA), Non-Nintendo TLS Root-CA Certificates CFA(JPN), Non-Nintendo TLS Root-CA Certificates CFA(EUR), EN/US Dictionary(USA), FR/CA Dictionary(USA), ES/ES Dictionary(USA), ES/ES Dictionary(EUR), PT/BR Regular Dictionary(USA), USA Error Strings(USA), EULA CFA(USA), System Font CFA(USA), System Font CFA(JPN), System Font CFA(EUR), CHN System Font CFA(USA), CHN System Font CFA(JPN), CHN System Font CFA(EUR), KOR System Font CFA(USA), KOR System Font CFA(JPN), KOR System Font CFA(EUR), TWN System Font CFA(USA), TWN System Font CFA(JPN), TWN System Font CFA(EUR), "rate" Archive(USA), NGWord bad word list CFA(USA), NGWord bad word list CFA(JPN), NGWord bad word list CFA(EUR), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(USA), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(JPN), Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA(EUR), NVer(USA), CVer(USA), AM system-module(USA), AM system-module(JPN), AM system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE AM system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE AM system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE AM system-module(EUR), Camera system-module(USA), Camera system-module(JPN), Camera system-module(EUR), Config system-module(USA), Config system-module(JPN), Config system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE Config system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE Config system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE Config system-module(EUR), Codec system-module(USA), Codec system-module(JPN), Codec system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE Codec system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE Codec system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE Codec system-module(EUR), DSP system-module(USA), DSP system-module(JPN), DSP system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE DSP system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE DSP system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE DSP system-module(EUR), GPIO system-module(USA), GPIO system-module(JPN), GPIO system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE GPIO system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE GPIO system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE GPIO system-module(EUR), GSP system-module(USA), GSP system-module(JPN), GSP system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE GSP system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE GSP system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE GSP system-module(EUR), HID system-module(USA), HID system-module(JPN), HID system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE HID system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE HID system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE HID system-module(EUR), i2c system-module(USA), i2c system-module(JPN), i2c system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE i2c system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE i2c system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE i2c system-module(EUR), MCU system-module(USA), MCU system-module(JPN), MCU system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE MCU system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE MCU system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE MCU system-module(EUR), Microphone system-module(USA), Microphone system-module(JPN), Microphone system-module(EUR), PDN system-module(USA), PDN system-module(JPN), PDN system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE PDN system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE PDN system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE PDN system-module(EUR), PTM system-module(USA), PTM system-module(JPN), PTM system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE PTM system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE PTM system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE PTM system-module(EUR), spi system-module(USA), spi system-module(JPN), spi system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE spi system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE spi system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE spi system-module(EUR), AC system-module(USA), AC system-module(JPN), AC system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE AC system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE AC system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE AC system-module(EUR), StreetPass system-module(USA), StreetPass system-module(JPN), StreetPass system-module(EUR), CSND system-module(USA), CSND system-module(JPN), CSND system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE CSND system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE CSND system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE CSND system-module(EUR), Download Play system-module(USA), Download Play system-module(JPN), Download Play system-module(EUR), HTTP system-module(USA), HTTP system-module(JPN), HTTP system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE HTTP system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE HTTP system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE HTTP system-module(EUR), MP system-module(USA), MP system-module(JPN), MP system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE MP system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE MP system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE MP system-module(EUR), NDM system-module(USA), NDM system-module(JPN), NDM system-module(EUR), NIM system-module(USA), NIM system-module(JPN), NIM system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE NIM system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE NIM system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE NIM system-module(EUR), NWM system-module(USA), NWM system-module(JPN), NWM system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE NWM system-module(EUR), Sockets system-module(USA), Sockets system-module(JPN), Sockets system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE Sockets system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE Sockets system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE Sockets system-module(EUR), SSL system-module(USA), SSL system-module(JPN), SSL system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE SSL system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE SSL system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE SSL system-module(EUR), PS system-module(USA), PS system-module(JPN), PS system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE PS system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE PS system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE PS system-module(EUR), friends system-module(USA), friends system-module(JPN), friends system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE friends system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE friends system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE friends system-module(EUR), IR system-module(USA), IR system-module(JPN), IR system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE IR system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE IR system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE IR system-module(EUR), SpotPass system-module(USA), SpotPass system-module(JPN), SpotPass system-module(EUR), Notifications system-module(USA), Notifications system-module(JPN), Notifications system-module(EUR), RO system-module(USA), RO system-module(JPN), RO system-module(EUR), NS system-module(USA), NS system-module(JPN), NS system-module(EUR), SAFE_MODE NS system-module(USA), SAFE_MODE NS system-module(JPN), SAFE_MODE NS system-module(EUR), NATIVE_FIRM(USA), NATIVE_FIRM(JPN), NATIVE_FIRM(EUR), SAFE_MODE_FIRM(USA), SAFE_MODE_FIRM(JPN), SAFE_MODE_FIRM(EUR), TWL_FIRM(USA), TWL_FIRM(JPN), TWL_FIRM(EUR), DS Internet (DSi-mode application)(USA), DS Internet (DSi-mode application)(JPN), DS Internet (DSi-mode application)(EUR), Download Play (DS-mode application)(USA), Download Play (DS-mode application)(JPN), Download Play (DS-mode application)(EUR), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(USA), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(JPN), Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist(EUR), TWL Version Data(USA), TWL Version Data(JPN), TWL Version Data(EUR), System Settings(EUR), Download Play application(EUR), Activity Log(EUR), Health and Safety Information(EUR), Nintendo 3DS Camera application(EUR), Nintendo 3DS Sound application(EUR), Mii Maker(EUR), StreetPass Mii Plaza(EUR), eShop(EUR), System Transfer application(EUR), Nintendo Zone application(EUR), Face Raiders(EUR), AR Games(EUR), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(EUR), Promotional video application(EUR), Home Menu(EUR), Camera applet(EUR), Instruction Manual applet(EUR), Game Notes applet(EUR), Internet Browser(EUR), Friend List applet(EUR), Notifications applet(EUR), Software Keyboard(EUR), SAFE_MODE Software Keyboard(EUR), appletEd(EUR), PNOTE_AP(EUR), SNOTE_AP(EUR), NL/NL Dictionary(EUR), EN/GB Dictionary(EUR), FR/FR Dictionary(EUR), DE/Regular Dictionary(EUR), IT/IT Dictionary(EUR), PT/PT Regular Dictionary(EUR), RU/Regular Dictionary(EUR), Europe Error Strings(EUR), EULA CFA(EUR), "Rate" Archive(EUR), NVer(EUR), CVer(EUR), System Settings(JPN), Download Play application(JPN), Activity Log(JPN), Health and Safety Information(JPN), Nintendo 3DS Camera application(JPN), Nintendo 3DS Sound application(JPN), Mii Maker(JPN), StreetPass Mii Plaza(JPN), eShop(JPN), System Transfer application(JPN), Nintendo Zone application(JPN), Face Raiders(JPN), AR Games(JPN), SAFE_MODE System Updater application(JPN), Promotional video application(JPN), Home Menu(JPN), Camera applet(JPN), Instruction Manual applet(JPN), Game Notes applet(JPN), Internet Browser(JPN), Friend List applet(JPN), Notifications applet(JPN), Software Keyboard(JPN), SAFE_MODE Software Keyboard(JPN), appletEd(JPN), PNOTE_AP(JPN), SNOTE_AP(JPN), JA/Small_32 Dictionary(JPN), Japan Error Strings(JPN), EULA CFA(JPN), "rate" Archive(JPN), NVer(JPN), and CVer(JPN).

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