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The following titles were updated: ErrDisp, NGWord bad word list CFA, Nintendo Zone hotspot list CFA, AM system-module, Camera system-module, Config system-module, Codec system-module, DSP system-module, GPIO system-module, GSP system-module, HID system-module, i2c system-module, MCU system-module, Microphone system-module, PDN system-module, PTM system-module, spi system-module, AC system-module, StreetPass system-module, CSND system-module, Download Play system-module, HTTP system-module, MP system-module, NDM system-module, NIM system-module, NWM system-module, Sockets system-module, SSL system-module, PS system-module, friends system-module, IR system-module, SpotPass system-module, Notifications system-module, RO system-module, NS system-module, NATIVE_FIRM, Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist, System Settings, eShop, System Transfer application, Home Menu, Instruction Manual applet, Game Notes applet, mint (eShop applet), Error Strings CFA, NVer, CVer, and Internet Browser.

Total titles sizes: 40634704

SOAP TitleHash: 03B226ED289E83D60C75B00E3C11E3AD

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